The first great outdoor collection

In 1964, from the mind of the architect Gae Aulenti Locus Solus was born, re-released today by Exteta

Exteta presents Locus Solus, the exclusive re-release of the first outdoor collection signed by a great master of Italian design.

Over fifty years after the first edition, Exteta returns to the stage the irreverent modernity of this system of seating, tables, lamps and sunbeds for the garden designed by Gae Aulenti in 1964 and reproduced today with exclusive rights under licence to Archivio Aulenti.

The irreverence of the exterior

Colours and lines of the collection adapt to the environment with vivacity and personality

With Locus Solus, Gae Aulenti explores the expressive potential of colour applied to metal and to cloth to create a fresh and relaxed setting that is intentionally free of pre-constituted compositional paradigms, favouring a personal vision of space.

The most famous pool side

The collection by Gae Aulenti appears in the movie La Piscine with Delon, Schneider and Birkin

The geometry of the steel tubular framework reminds one of the classic shapes of curved wooden chairs and, with the eccentric application of colour, becomes a feature of great personality, a timeless mood that together with the materials’ and the cushions’ decorative patterns has made Locus Solus an informal and lively icon for pop style, selected to portray a way of outdoor life as also see in the film ‘La Piscine’ starring Alain Delon, Romy Schneider and Jane Birkin.

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